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A plan for legal victory that doesn't include a health plan isn't really a victory.

James J. Scholl, KHA Organizer after Obama Administration issues final rules on Supreme Court Ruling June 30, 2014 Burwell v. Hobby Lobby

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Believe your healthcare should match your beliefs?

There are many churches, ministries and private businesses who actively live out their faith and want healthcare plans that align with their beliefs.  The Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) and many state laws have eroded your right to exercise those values by requiring health plans to cover services contrary to Christian Values and beliefs such as abortion services, abortion-inducing drugs, gender reassignment treatments and coverage for same sex partners.  What's more, failure to provide this coverage  may subject your organization to massive fines and penalties.   OUR PLANS GIVE YOU THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE WHICH, IF ANY, OF THESE TO COVER.

Legal Solutions

Kingdom Health Alliance was created to fight against the mandates under the ACA.  KHA developed the solution many Christian Organizations were considering had the 2016 election turned out differently.  The battle against the ACA and the federal government has subsided for now, but states continue to actively pursue discrimination lawsuits against organizations like Little Sisters of the Poor to force them to cover morally objectionable items.

Member Benefits

Kingdom Health Alliance was created as an association type entity with legal standing to protect its members from objectionable requirements under federal and state laws.  Many organizations, like Hobby Lobby, Colorado Christian University and Little Sisters, stood alone in the fight against the federal government and the ACA.  As a member organization, the members  of KHA determine which issues to fight collectively.   As a plan sponsor, each separate organization determines the objectionable parts of their  own plan to cover or exclude.

Our Plans Include a Plan

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